Is it possible for Tottenham to beat AC Milan?

It’s been few months ago since we came across a very simple question – “What would be the feeling/opinion of fans for the likely outcome for the AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur, an UEFA Champions League 2010 – 2011 (European Football) match for the Knockout Phase? Is it possible for Tottenham to beat AC Milan? Will it be an Upset or not?”

Simple question(s), hard to answer though unless somebody run expensive and time-consuming studies to track people’s opinion either by searching to find expressed thoughts around the media/web or by asking people directly through organizing any kind of polls (e.g. telephone, electronic etc.).

In fact, nowadays there is no need to run a poll in order to track people’s opinion for any kind of popular events around the world such as political, sport, lifestyle etc. Information contributed by connected individuals, giving their own views and perspectives through blogging and social networking sites is constantly increasing at enormous pace. Evolution of the social networking, 24 hour multi-media news and new generation mobile applications offers many information sources from which the common picture of any kind of events around the world can be drawn.

But still if we’d like to provide an answer to our former question by manually monitoring the social web and especially the social networking sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so on, we would have faced a STOPPER, information overload. Searching and finding among the huge publicly available information sources not just documents or data but insights that can be used to draw the common picture of a specific event or/and even more can lead to better and faster decisions is practically impossible. Information is unstructured, hard to digest, changing rapidly and very often laced with jargon and insider's terminology thus very hard for someone to make any sense out of it effectively.

Unless we had the right tools that could process information in real time, analyse, understand the meaning, classify automatically, extract the sentiment and provide the overall and common picture for us.

And it was right there where Neurolingo's natural language processing technology came to the picture.

Neurolingo's natural language processing technology - our technology - excels at turning any content into insight, using a unique linguistic text analytics platform to accelerate the ability to build applications that make sense of information in any form, format or language - including language specific to markets, industries or even more enterprises.

So, we decided to use our powerful Text Analytics platform, Neurolingo Mnemosyne™, to prove us correct and to develop a service/tool that will be focused on real time monitoring the social web and reflecting of the likely outcomes for the upcoming Sport Events around the globe.

Few months later, Sentibet™ working prototype was born.

Sentibet™ is an on-line demonstration of Neurolingo’s technologies and products. It is a sentiment based forecasting service for the Sports sector, focused on reflecting the likely outcomes for the upcoming Sport Events around the globe.

Sentibet™ in its current version is focused only on the real time processing of the Twitter Stream and reflects the likely outcomes (sentiment based forecasts) for the European Football Game Events and specifically the English Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League competitions.

Enjoy Snetibet™ prototype as we did/do and feel free to submit your comments or/and feedback to us.

Visit Post Game Analysis page where we’ve placed some interesting figures and stay tuned as there are more things to come in the near future.

And for the sake of argument the answer to our question was yes, Tottenham could beat AC Milan as it did actually. There were Tweets expressing a strong and crystal clear feeling for Tottenham’s win although the majority was favoring AC Milan.