Sentibet forecasted Kentucky NCAA Basketball 2012 Championship

This year's NCAA Men's Basketball tournament crowned the University of Kentucky's team as its national champion in what proved to be a month of startling upsets and twists. The 67-59 win for the Wildcats over the Jayhawks was a coronation of the kings of U.S. college basketball predicted by Sentibet, the online sentiment based Sports Outcome Forecasting service developed by Neurolingo based on its industry-leading text analytics technology platform.

Sentibet ingested more than 3,900 messages posted on the Twitter social media service identified by the service as having valuable data and analyzed them to determine the focus and intent of fans for each team based on fans' hopes, wishes and their predictions for the game.

The analysis showed that while there was a strong underdog sentiment wishing for a Kansas win, the overall sentiment based on Sentibet's analysis forecasted a 54 percent chance of a Kentucky win.

This big score by Sentibet comes on the heels of its correct forecast of a New York Giants win in this year's SuperBowl and its continuing outstanding performance in forecasting winners in Europe's Premier League Football matches. For this last weekend, as an example, Sentibet forecasted 7 of the 10 winners of Premier League games.

In earlier rounds of NCAA basketball, Sentibet did a good job of sending signals that fans' minds were aware of what their hearts may not have wanted. In Kentucky's earlier games against Ohio State and Louisville, for example, the emotional signals in Sentibet's analysis were coming up strong for Kentucky's opponents but the Prediction signal coming out of their tweets was pointing solidly towards a Kentucky win:

Article author: John Blossom, Shore Communications Inc.
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