Sentibet takes on the 2013 NFL Super Bowl aiming at another great success!

A year after the successful forecast - against the Odds - for the Super Bowl XLVI, Sentibet takes on the 2013 NFL Super Bowl (XLVII) aiming at another great success! One year ago, Sentibet was deployed to analyze Twitter messages relating to the 2012 NFL Super Bowl match. The base of data that Sentibet was able to analyze was huge – it processed 92,000 tweets in all by the end of the Super Bowl – and its interpretation of fans’ forecasts was correct – the New York Giants bested the New England Patriots in a very close game. Most major odds makers had picked the Patriots to win, so this was a significant achievement. Following Super Bowl XLVI success, Sentibet provided remarkably accurate results in forecasting the outcome of National Football League games in the 2012 regular season based on its analysis of fan messages posted on the Twitter social media service. Over the 17 weeks of regular season play, Sentibet has correctly chosen the winners 62 percent of the time on average, with results exceeding that average in eight out of the seventeen weeks. Sentibet, NFL 2012 Regular Season, Post Game Analysis This performance is also remarkable in its ability to forecast against the spread (ATS) underdog wins as well as “moneyline” (ML) straight win picks. Moreover, combined with the great performance - 71 percent - from those Twitter contributors, who were rated by Sentibet as the top forecasters (Top Pickers) amongst the Public, offers a high level of predictive signals through several channels of monitoring. It’s worth to mention that there were a couple of weeks in which the infrastructure used to acquire messages from Twitter was not fully functional, and couple of weeks in which data acquired for analysis was lower than in typical weeks of analysis. For these weeks, the accuracy of Sentibet forecasts was notably lower. On these weeks there were problems with data collection unrelated to the analysis formulas used to filter messages from Twitter – in other words, there just wasn’t enough data to on those weeks to provide forecasts with a reasonable level of statistical significance. Those regular season’s results, followed by two major success stories during the NFL 2012 Post Season (Playoffs) games and especially during the Divisional Playoffs week and the Conference Championship week. Divisional Playoffs Week was one of Sentibet’ best NFL weeks ever with 4 out of 4 games successful forecasts (100% success rate) and through the Conference Championship week’s results, Sentibet successfully forecasted the pair of teams for the Super Bowl XLVII, against the expectations of most of the experts, fans and odds makers. While almost everyone anticipated a San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots Super Bowl, Sentibet’ figures showed from the very beginning that it would have been a San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens. Although it’s too early, it is very interesting to mention that the forecasting picture for the Super Bowl XLVII seems similar to the one for the Super Bowl XLVI one year ago, expecting Baltimore Ravens to win (56% range) rather than the favorite San Francisco 49ers. Stay tuned and enjoy!